How to make love during COVID-19?

7 ways to stay safe and make love during this pandemic. 

Connect at the level of the heart

You take the sexuality out of it and really focus on connecting in the essence of who you are. 

Breathe together

It looks very simple but really effective, including a nice instrumental song and closing your eyes, following the breathing of your partner. 

Do energy work together

Close your eyes and rub your hands, and feel your energy.

Eye gazing

Look straight into your partner’s eye. Relax and the goal is really connected beyond the eyes.

Connecting more

Slow down with the hustle of life, connecting deeply with people, a good conversation. Just admire the person in front of you.

Dirty Sex Talk role-playing then self-pleasure

You can get a little sexual now, you can dress up, you can do dirty talk, make some pleasure. 

Meditating or praying together

Meditate together, sit together, some music and pray together. 

You can still enjoy it while on lockdown. Be fully connected to your away from all the distractions. Stay safe and be healthy.

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