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Jenelle is a beautiful light that inspires full expression. I attended one of her first Dance Om’s, it was a memorable and transformative experience. The process was really unique and I felt myself tapping into energies that I didn’t always fully express. This workshop opened me up to more of myself which caused me to experience more love and presence in life. Jenelle’s workshops and teachings will have you tapping into your confidence, healing, and your authentic truth. I highly recommend Dance Om to everyone.

Christina Rendon

Since I met Jennelle she has shown me the different ways to look at the human body and I’ve learned so much about my body and what sex has to offer and also take a way. If it wasn’t for Jennelle my mind would’ve have been closed off to so much. Thanks Jennelle .

Andy Audate

Jennelle has a diverse background in the healing of the body. She has taken the art of yoga and that of Tantra to a whole new level. For those of us who were hesitant or unsure of what “tantra would entail” Jennelle has made it safe, fun and powerful. In fact, I would call it Omazing! 🙂

Stephanie B. Nielsen

Her authentic approach to practice and her deep lineage definitely shows. You know how there's just some people that just have it, its just deeply enriched in their DNA a gift, that thing, I believe she has it. I'm so excited for the world as she continues to grow her capacity to reach the masses, the gifts that she posses to share with the planet, I've had the pleasure to teach with and be the student and I tell you that you're in good hands and your life will forever be affected by the teachings.

Keith Mitchell

There are times in our lives when we are faced with situations we could never endure or overcome alone. There are also times in life when we want to reach another level and grow and reach higher levels. Jennelle appeared in my life and has helped me in both situations. What I have learned from her I could have not learned from anyone else. She is unique, warm, fun, always positive and nonjudgmental. She assisted me with growth and inspiration and also was supportive in my struggles.  

Julie S.

Experiencing sexual abuse as a child left an imprint of shame upon most of all relations in my life. I carry myself as a bold and courageous woman, and naturally there was a lot of backlash lessons I moved through into my sovereignty to gain the power I walk with today. The O Factor’s sacred dance created a platform where my Divine Feminine was liberated to experience self expression of pure, unadulterated, true heart coherence that I could not be more grateful for. Jennelle’s authenticity emanates security where all can feel powerful.

Kristianne Scheier

Jennelle is Omazing! She is so knowledgeable and truly has a passion for helping people. Her program incorporates health, wellness, mindset, and an all around holistic experience! It is truly a blessing to be able to work with her ! 💗

Caroline De Lima Toler

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