• “O My” Yoni Wands – $99: aims to stimulate vaginal walls helps remove blockages and stimulate pleasure


  • “Oh Yes” Yoni Balls – $69: aims to strengthen vaginal walls helps lessen moon cycle symptoms, tighten vagina allowing for deeper orgasms, helps tone and tighten feminine organs.

  • The “OMM” Cups – $39: aims to replaces tampons and pads one time purchase can last a lifetime.

  • The Orgasmic Blend – $39: is an orgasmic blend to help balance hormones and create more pleasure. Can be mixed into smoothies, teas, and tonics.

  • The “Openness” Wheel – $69: aims to open & strengthen your body while creating more flexibility.

  • The Oneness Track – $19: mindful practices on the go.