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Keith Mitchell

Jennelle Gordon, when I met her, I had experienced work of profound teachers such as Psalm Isadora, Sasha Cobra, so i many great Tantrikas to compare if there’s such a thing in this realm but her authentic approach to practice and her deep lineage definitely shows. You know how there's just some people that just have it, its just deeply inriched in their DNA a gift, that thing, I believe she has it. Im so excited for the world as she continues to grow her capacity to reach the masses, the gifts that she posses to share with the planet, Ive had the pleasure to teach with and be the student and I telling you that your in good hands and your life will forever be affected by the teachings.


Julie S.

Jennelle appeared in my life and has helped me in both situations. What I have learned from her I could have not learned from anyone else. She is unique, warm, fun, always positive and nonjudgmental. She assisted me with growth and inspiration and also was supportive in my struggles. With Jennelle I began to really understand that by not denying and accepting natural human desires but rather embracing them, it can result in a positive and life changing experience, with benefits that extend far beyond the bedroom. Every situation I needed to address she had solutions. Jennelle has studied in many countries and acquired knowledge that has been transferred from gurus for hundreds of years. 

real estate investor 

Andy Audate


Since I met Jennelle she has shown me the different ways to look at the human body and I’ve learned so much about my body and what sex has to offer and also take a way. If it wasn’t for Jennelle my mind would’ve have been closed off to so much. Thanks Jennelle .

Stephanie B. Nielson

Pharm.D , CCN

Jennelle has a diverse background in the healing of the body. She has taken the art of yoga and that of Tantra to a whole new level. For those of us who were hesitant or unsure of what “tantra would entail” Jennelle has made it safe, fun and powerful. In fact, I would call it Omazing! 

Cesar Vargas


Jennelle is a caring and knowledgeable Tantra teacher. I had the privilege to participate in her workshops, and her energy is warm and genuine. If you ever have the chance of learning from her, DO IT! You will be a better being for it. Namaste.

I had an amazing time with Jennelle while we were in Thailand. She is the best teacher I’ve ever had. Dance Om was beautiful…I highly recommend her. Absolutely lovely. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


Monica Pinto

Sharon Hoover

interior designer

Dance OM is a unique and liberating form of expression. Our primal feminine sire. We do not get to exhibit such freedom in our busy day to day lives. You get a great workout for the mond, body, and soul.  

Marcella Norling

philosophy professor

As she entered the classroom I was very pleasantly surprised at her professional demeanor and appearance, and amazed at her excellent speaking skills, preparation, fantastic Power Points, and ability to connect in a lively and engaging manner with her audience. Jennelle is professional, lively, and interesting in her presentations. Before visiting, she prepares extensively… Students always respond well and have relevant questions, which she answers without hesitation. In addition to sharing her story, Jennelle leads the class in a chakra meditation with music she prepares and a meditative narrative. Many students described this as a moving spiritual experience and were eager to learn more. Jennelle’s experience and professionalism are evident throughout. She engages her audience authentically and personally in a most professional manner, and always impressed the class, and me as well.

Kristianne Scheier

Integrative Fertility Specialist

Experiencing sexual abuse as a child left an imprintation of shame upon most of all relations in my life. I carry myself as a bold and courageous woman, and naturally there was a lot of backlash lessons I moved through into my sovereignty to gain the power I walk with today. The O Factor’s sacred dance created a platform where my Divine Feminine was liberated to experience self expression of pure, unadulterated, true heart coherence that I could not be more grateful for. It has been 2 months and I am still inspired daily as to how I get to myself as a Womb GYN, a Divine conduit for God and a stand for healing. Jennelle’s authenticity emanates a special security where all can feel powerful in their vulnerabilities and heal amongst each other.

Deidre Pujols

Nonprofit Founder
Wife of Angels Baseball Player Albert Pujols

Jennelle Gordon has played a valuable role in helping to take me out
of my place of comfort to a more vulnerable place through dance. This
is not just any dance lesson, it is combination of yoga with and
expression of dance that involves patterns of movement through our
chakra or energy.

I have been married for 20 years and for a woman in her 40’s with 5
kids and a busy lifestyle, things like stress, hormones, diet, etc can
really start to effect the intimacy of relationship. Jennelle has a
real gift to demonstrate how to reconnect with the intimate self first
and be comfortable in my own skin. How I feel about myself matters so
that I can then carry it over into the intimacy and connectiveness of
my marriage.

The sounds and rhythms of the music and the movement of the body to
the smells of the essential oils and the dim lights in the space, the
experience is set for a therapeutic moment for sure. I recommend every
woman to try this class with Jennelle and take their energy to the
next level.

Dr Iman Bar MD

Holistic integrative medicine

Jenelle Gordon is an amazing therapist that has helped us with Tantric yoga and it was a great present for my fiance's birthday to help us improve our relationship.

Janelle has been very informative and amazing. I recommend her to my patients and I always get great feedback.

Brenda Torres

women's empowerment activist

I highly recommend dance OM to any one interesting in discovering or expanding their inner goddess. I attended multiple classes and each class focused on something different. Jennelle made me feel confident even when stepping (literally) outside my comfort zone. This was powerful in itself. Each session at Dance OM taught me to embrace and listen to my body and I felt more confident as I connected to myself.


childcare facilitator

Dance Om is unlike any yoga class I’ve experienced. The class’s fluidity allows me to express myself with dance and bring out my inner goddess. The class’s combination of dance and yoga is something I’ve been looking for in a class and Ive found exactly that. I look forward to going to go to her class and completely setting free from all of the stresses of the day and let my sensual side express itself in a high vibrational highly spiritual space. My favorite thing about the class is that each week Jenelle chooses a specific chakra to focus on. I highly recommend this class for anyone wanting to take their love for themselves even deeper and feel empowerment though movement.

Andrea Wilemon

fashion boutique owner

Three months ago, I began feeling constant fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, dizziness, severe gas and bloating and constipation. I have never felt these symptoms all at once except the two times I have been pregnant. I suffered these symptoms for about a month before I was late on my next “monthly” and finally made the undesirable trip to the doctor for a pregnancy test. When it came back negative I was not only shocked but then very concerned about what could be causing me so much suffering for so long if not pregnancy.

​ I contacted the only healthy person I know- Jennelle. She has always amazed me at how well she takes care of herself, physically and spiritually. She immediately recommended many options, including drinking aloe vera juice and hot ginger lemon tea throughout the day and eating certain foods to alleviate my gas/bloating/constipation issues. I am sure if I had followed more of Jennelle recommendations I would have felt better much more quickly.

​ I go to Jennelle any time I need physical, mental and spiritual advice. She is always helpful and wise. She is the only person I trust other than my doctor and I will go to her first when I don’t want another pill thrown at me. She is a blessing and I love what she has created with the O Factor, it is a huge blessing for working moms like me.

Christina Rendon

writer / marketer

Jenelle is a beautiful light that inspires full expression. I attended one of her first Dance Om’s, it was a memorable and transformative experience. The process was really unique and I felt myself tapping into energies that I didn’t always fully express. This workshop opened me up to more of myself which caused me to experience more love and presence in life. Jenelle’s workshops and teachings will have you tapping into your confidence, healing, and your authentic truth. I highly recommend Dance Om to everyone.

Kelly Anderson Berkeley


Dance Om was a transcendental experience. I felt as though Jennelle took me on a journey of self-discovery by helping me embrace my inner femininity. As a woman in modern society, I’ve found myself feeling disconnected from my body on many occasions. Sometimes the attention from strangers on the street was too much, other times my reflection would be too harsh with her criticisms, and there were times when it was just safer for my psyche if I were totally disconnected. I would simply leave my body and return once the storm had passed. When I took Dance Om, I found someone who understood what I’ve been through, someone who has been through worse and came back stronger and more connected to herself, her body, her power, her womanhood, than anyone I’ve ever met. After one session with her, I felt more connected with my body than I have ever felt before in my life. For the first time, my body wasn’t a cage in which my soul was trapped but a part of my soul; and by reconciling both body and soul, she helped liberate my mind and finally feel whole within myself.

Melissa West

non-profit advertiser

If you are looking for an experience to make you understand and love yourself a little more, this is the experience for you! Dance Om is no judgment zone meant to make you free and teach you how to let loose and learn what your body is fully capable of. It was experience like I’ve never had before! If you’re looking to become more confident and comfortable in your own skin, this is the class for you. It was emotional and freeing. Jennelle is an incredible teacher and makes you feel so safe in her space. I would definitely do this again!

Caroline De Lima Toler


Jennelle is Omazing! She is so knowledgeable and truly has a passion for helping people. Her program incorporates health, wellness, mindset, and an all around holistic experience! It is truly a blessing to be able to work with her ! 💗

Philip Kümpel

Model / Actor

Jennelle’s wholistic approach to health & wellness, and sexuality has helped me change my life in a positive way. She’s an amazing guru, empathetic, so she easily understands people, making her very pleasant to work with

Leonie Hey


Omazing teachings. Jennelle loves what she does and has great understanding and knowledge.

Jenelle has an amazing heart for a humanitarian. You might be surprised to hear that with her sexuality content. The truth is her story is healing medicine. She’s been an inspiration to me on my journey as well.

Erikaa Briones


Tiffanie Heller

Medical Transcriptionist

Jennelle is extremely knowledgeable in health and wellness. She is also very understanding and always ready to help others meet their goals. ❤️

Gretchen Elisabeth

Non-profit Executive

Working with Jennelle Gordon and the “O” factors has been one of the best experiences. I have learned so much about myself and about the connection with tantra and her coaching. She has helped build my confidence and self-esteem. She is an amazing person, genuine and kind. I’m so happy to have been able to transform my mindset about healthy relationships and body empowerment with her.

Haley Jordan

Digital coordinator

Jennelle is an “O-mazing” teacher and coach. I was nervous about learning but she is so kind and well spoken that she makes you feel right at ease while you build up your confidence in this practice. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and I wouldn’t trust anyone else.

With a background in customer service and client facing work, reliability and trust is very important to me. That being said, I can confidently say that she will always make you feel 100% comfortable and safe and is willing to help whenever you need it.

Gisele B. Leon

real estate broker

Omg omg she is the real deal! I totally had a break through today and I can’t wait 😊 to have my next coaching call. Her life coaching skills are so amazing and she is really skilled and will change your life forever. Don’t hesitate to contact her and get ready for an amazing 😉 life changing experience.

Daelyn Daniloff


Jennelle’s dance om was an experience like no other, it was truly a unique experience beyond typical description. The fusion of dance, and yoga, sensuality and LOVE combined into one short one hour class is absolutely brilliant. Once I stepped outside my comfort zone and immersed myself in this experience I lost myself in the rhythmic energy that traversed through my body! Thank you Jennelle for creating such an amazing class 🙂

Samantha Pineda 

Architecture Designer

Hi everyone! ♥️ My name is Samantha, and I met Jeanelle almost 3 months ago, I remember like it was yesterday, haha, because you now this virus appear in the life of all of us, and make a huge impact in our lives, and in the way we experience time, idk if that only happen to me, but thats how I feel! Haha.

Not digging anymore on that topic, just wanted to say that tantra has change my sexual life, not entirely in a physical way, but in an emotionally and more conscious way, now I’m more open and enjoy more the act, and it is simply because of 1 sentence that Jeanelle always told us... shake the shame! That’s for me the crucial lesson, and I want to learn more because I want to keep feeling in love with this new part of me, it’s not as easy as I wrote it down, I’ve also work with my demons in therapy, but this is a hugeee part of starting to feel well with your mind, your body and your soul. ♥️♥️♥️ 

Thankssss a lot Jeanelle, for all this knowledge that you share to us! You are a really big angel, and I’m sure you’ll keep going higher! You have a fan and a friend here in Mexico! ♥️ Lots of hugs and kisses!!!

Amanda Town

real estate broker

Jennelle has incredible energy. She makes you feel loved, admired, inspired and accepted all at once. 

She is able to give tough love and life changing insight on things you may have never otherwise known you needed to attend to within yourself. 

Her perspective changed not only my own perspective but also my relationship with my mate and with myself. 

She has extraordinary knowledge from her own life experience that is packed full of incredible value. 

You will walk always from even just one session with her, a transformed being with higher consciousness. 

Saying no to working with her is an injustice to yourself. You will NOT regret your time in her energy!!

Mina Teng

My biggest breakthrough in the #DanceOmBootcamp experience is to dance through my limiting beliefs & fears with others.
I'm used to face things all on my own, so this experience is beyond amazing for me.
Through this 6 week/30 day journey,
I learned how to show up fully in my body consciously
(not dancing under the influences like I used to)
AND in front of the camera, on LIVE,
Doing seductive movements that sometimes are very uncomfortable & triggering for me.
In our #blisswork exercises, I learned to not think too much of what others think and trusting in the support that I will receive to do my art on LIVE in a much more relaxing way to show up as myself. As you can tell I was very nervous on going live before, but with Jennelle's encouragement I have become more & more comfortable with it.
I learned how to be more vulnerable & authentic and shared parts of me that I never shared before and it is so very empowering.
I learned how to step up to lead for Jennelle's beta group which is a power I have been afraid to use for afraid of offending others.
I learned to stop playing small & hold myself back, and learned from the support of the group of ladies that it's ok to shine, to raise the standards & up the game 
Most of all, I learned how to support & truly uplift one another through this journey.
It was sad yesterday to say goodbye to everyone after our 6 week Dance Om experience, especially during this pandemic time where we need to feel human connection more than ever, to have the chance to deeply connect with these amazing ladies every Monday-Friday for an hour, to move our bodies, to cry & laugh together, made this bootcamp priceless.
Here is a video I made to express my experience.
Thank you all for playing all out & inspired me to show up fully as all I am, and know there isn't anything to be afraid of.
Thank you all for opening yourself up to grant me the honor of knowing you 
Thank you all for this experience & support 
I know we will all still be active in this group but I will miss dancing together like this always 

Chenee Mathers

What I was feeling as I was working with Jennelle Gordon through yesterday’s Dance Om exercise is that when I feel an emotion I’m no longer present, I’m judging the emotion or myself for having it; And either I stifle it or it takes over and I’m along for the ride. Either way I end up feeling guilty and I’m never really let myself feel the emotion. 

My inner self was saying I need to learn to feel and be present with my emotions and also forgive myself for having emotions in the first place. 

I also realized that I get down on myself basically anytime I’m a human and not a perfect machine. Like for example when I make a mistake, forget something, or have a strong emotion. 
I took all the fun out of being alive by not experiencing the full spectrum of emotions and keeping myself within this little wave of feelings.

Yogini Eliza

After a six week journey into my feminine self...I have come away with many wins and breakthroughs...I wish all my sisters 👯‍♀️ would experiment and experience themselves in these different ways...and take that deeper look at our selves, so that we may grow into the best version of our selves. 

A few wins...
- a circle ⭕️ of women that I feel close to and that we are in support of each other’s growth, the bonds we made are lasting. 
- new ways to look at and manage my energy 
- opened up my body, the dance work out were really awesome for my general fitness and also it opened up the energetic body as well
- the assignments are really next level and individual, the course had a custom feel to it even though the work was being done in group
- I definitely feel more comfortable in my body, more powerful personally, more connected in my heart ♥️ and more on top of my love game.
Here is a visual final project to encapsulate the healthy integration of my archetypes...
And shortly I will proudly be posting a twerking that was a big goal for me to hit😍


Online Yoga Coach

Nicole Rush

Jennelle Gordon is a true Goddess. A Queen that will help you adjust your crown and lead you to your throne. I had the pleasure of attending the September 2020 Intimacy retreat in Playa del Carmen, and counting down till the next one ! Jeanelle provides a safe and open space that allows you to open up and receive love. You will tap into your greatness, explore your truths, and shake the shame ! Jennelle is an amazing soul that lives in her purpose, a great mentor, coach, and leader that will help you step into your Shakti power.

Andrea Galvin

Amazing! So beautiful. Here’s mine (I’m procrastinating from doing what I SHOULD be doing to do what I WANT to be doing). ; )

I’ve always struggled with opening myself up at a deep level with others; I had built walls around my heart that couldn’t be penetrated. But I knew there was a better way to live…..So I was excited to sign up for the four day retreat with Jennelle Gordon and Keith Mitchell in Playa del Carmen Mexico. I went with no expectations. And wow- what an experience. It truly opened my heart in ways that I could not have expected. Not only did I learn a lot about myself, but I made amazing heart-felt connections with total strangers that I know will last a lifetime. It’s so refreshing to spend quality time with others that share my passion for self-discovery and intimacy. I highly recommend this retreat for anyone who is looking to better understand themselves and what true connection really means.

Chris Seidel

1. What do you find most Transformational about working with Jennelle?

Working with Jennelle is heart opening and life-affirming. She has an ability to create a very safe space for others to work through their deepest challenges and shadows. I was very impressed with how Jennelle managed our group throughout the retreat, and made everyone feel so safe, welcome and accepted for who they are. I feel extremely comfortable and confident recommending Jennelle to anyone seeking support in their love life, overcoming life challenges, or wishing for an authentic and real coach who can bring people closer to their own hearts and true self.  

Since attending the retreat, I have noticed a greater ability to connect with others and stand in my power. I also have a deeper awareness of how to make others feel safe including myself. Don´t hesitate to try one of Jennelle´s programs if you are on the fence at all about her!!!

2.     What is it that makes Jennelle’s work extraordinary? 

Jennelle is able to create breakthroughs for others by being an example of how to show up fearlessly and in her own power. She also makes everyone feel very safe, and there is no expectation to show up except as exactly as you are. I felt extremely safe and held by Jennelle in going through my own process in my retreat. This makes you feel seen, heard and appreciated and is such a gift to your transformation to have the support of such a loving presence beside you - not to mention the incredible people she attracts to her retreats!   

3. Describe a breakthrough you’ve had in your retreat or sessions with Jennelle.

I was able to share deeply about my own journey and life with our group, and felt that it was extremely safe and welcome to do so. There was no judgement or expectation, and I felt very seen and heard. I would love to work with Jennelle again. It is rare to find such compassionate, open, non-judgemental, powerful, authentic and knowledgeable teachers as Jennelle and Keith. Do not hesitate to work with them! You will be pleasantly surprised.  

Dana Peirce

Jenelle is a dynamic, highly trained and skilled coach. 

Her history of past sexual trauma, allows her an ease and approachability on anything to do with sex.

She takes shame and immaturity out of the equation, by bringing in the healing art of Tantra.

Both her Group calls and Retreats attract high level individuals, deeply attuned to their hearts. They are packed with value & content, and fun, playful exercises.  

Working with Janelle has been one of my best investments in 2020.

Self-Love Coach
Member of the Canadian Coaching Alliance

Dana Peirce

Jenelle is a dynamic, highly trained and skilled coach. 

Her history of past sexual trauma, allows her an ease and approachability on anything to do with sex.

She takes shame and immaturity out of the equation, by bringing in the healing art of Tantra.

Both her Group calls and Retreats attract high level individuals, deeply attuned to their hearts. They are packed with value & content, and fun, playful exercises.  

Working with Janelle has been one of my best investments in 2020.

Self-Love Coach
Member of the Canadian Coaching Alliance


of intimacy mastery retreat


Gratitude is what I am feeling. Thank you for being the light to others. You challenge me to face parts of me that needed to overcome so that fully evolve into the true divine goddess I am. I learned a lot and now will be applying all I have learned into my life. Thank you again.
Love Bella

of intimacy mastery retreat

of intimacy mastery retreat

- Amazing trainer, felt safe and help everyone open their hearts
-Introduction practice was powerful 
-Men's talk, was very sensual combo


Intimacy Mastery Retreat II has been a life changing experience. I have learned awesome techniques and tools to connect with others. I've also realized that I was not giving the true love to myself. I appreciate the encouragement to stretch my boundaries to grow. 
My favorite activities were the morning yoga, walk of love, and eye gazing. Also, the food and staff at Lo Beh are incredible as well. Thank you Jennelle and Keith. I love you dear and pray continued success as you spread your love, connection, and intimacy techniques throughout the world
Love, Chimene

of intimacy mastery retreat


Thank you from all of me!
The love, understanding, and friendship that I have experienced this weekend is beyond anything I could have imagined! 

You guys honestly rock on SO MANY Levels. Its UNWORLDY.

So Blessed to walk this journey with you guys/ladies
Let the fun continue!

Love, LISA

of intimacy mastery retreat


What an amazing experience Keith and Jennelle led a deep state of heart-opening container. I received the connection I have desired. 

World Join again in a heartbeat

of intimacy mastery retreat


Vulnerability in a group setting can be extremely challenging for me for I am very private person. But Keith and Jennelle made it less intimidating and with all the beautiful energy people that they draw into these retreats

of intimacy mastery retreat


One of the best experience at the retreat, everything was so thought of with case and affection. I felt so taken care of in everyway. All senses were stimulated. I feel like I accomplished what I ame here for. I feel more feminine and sensual. Thank you Keith and Jenelle
Sradda Felmy

of intimacy mastery retreat

I now understand what true intimacy really is. It was never sex I was craving, It was connection, touch, and soul. This retreat showed me how important it is to connect and communicate. It is something that everyone should experience. 

Nothing but love

of intimacy mastery retreat


To Keith and Jennelle: 
Fantastic, A game changer. I will be back for round 2

To Andrea:
Thank you so much for all your hard work! It is helpful to Jennelle& Keith. 


of intimacy mastery retreat


The release that happened during this retreat was beyond any of my expectation. Jenelle, despite of her unique style, make me and the group feel so safe that I could forgive my-self.



Didn't know what to expect. Tantra world is new to my partner & I. We had no idea how enjoyable it would be. Location was incredible, food and activities were delicious, fun, fulfilling, safe, inviting, open, easy, new, eye opening, intimate and refreshing. 
Amazing event for couples and individuals. We made so many friends. As a couple, we made deep connections, and breakthrough. 
We laugh and cried.
Would highly reccomend


The Intimacy Exercises were spot on and brought my wife and I closer together


of intimacy mastery retreat

We loved the meditation exercises. My husband of 27 years andI discovered new things and deeper parts of ourselves. I am so thankful and feel so much more open with my lover and best friend. Thank you


of intimacy mastery retreat


of intimacy mastery retreat

of intimacy mastery retreat

of intimacy mastery retreat

of intimacy mastery retreat

of intimacy mastery retreat

Bill and Madeline

of intimacy mastery retreat

Jennelle's knowledge, teaching style, energy and empathy was more beneficial to our relationship than I could've hoped for. It was truly amazing what she did for us in such a short time, and greatly exceeded my expectations and hopes. We are rejuvenated and have a new healthy, sustainable vision of our relationship. We were both blown away, and very thankful we took the plunge and trusted her by being completely open and vulnerable. We will go again, absolutely. Even after we returned home Jennelle was reaching out to see how we were doing and offer her time if something came up. She really cares - about us and her teaching - and it shows.

I cannot recommend this course enough.

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