Secrets to Preventing ED

I’M SORRY – two words you never want to hear before, during, or after lovemaking with your partner. BUT a study done by a neurologist out of the University of Washington says that premature ejaculation happens to every man at some point in his life.

The good news is there are some ways you can beat PE or premature ejaculation to make sure that your penis can stay hard and for a long time.

If you never heard of a Tantra or Coach Mantak Chia, these are some of his techniques. And I will share with you one of his techniques that he shows guys to use every single day to help with their erections and to help them last longer and to help them postpone their ejaculation for a long time.

Tips to avoid erectile dysfunction and how to stay extra hard and for an extra-long time.

  • Set a time to practice: The number one thing you can do is you need to make time for this practice every day. Either set a time limit or a number.
  • My friend and colleague who mastered the Tantra practice of really separating his orgasm and ejaculation told me in my mastermind group recently that he does between 300 to 500 of these a day. That’s a lot, he is a little bit of an overachiever but he mastered this practice and so I would recommend for you guys to do it anywhere from 100 to 300 at least a day.
  • Actual practice: The first thing you’re going to do is to take the shaft and while holding the base of your penis firmly, hold on to the testicles at the same time, do the massage and stimulate at least 15 to 75 strokes in each side.
  • Squeeze the anus and hold: At the end, while holding the base of your penis firmly, hold on to the testicles, you’re going to squeeze your anus and hold it as long as you can.
  • Focus the energy upwards and breath: The last thing you’re gonna do to help you master your premature ejaculation is once you have done all that stimulation and while squeezing your anus.
    And you’re gonna feel that energy and you’re gonna focus your awareness. So just close your eyes, focus your thoughts and your mind, feel your body and your energy, and breathe. 

You thought that your orgasm and ejaculation are the same. But they are not. Orgasm takes place in the brain and ejaculation is an anatomical physical reaction period of your body.

This Tantra practice will work in helping to eliminate PE permanently out of your life.


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