Why Guys Love Anal Sex?

A recent study surveyed 3000 sexually active millenials and found out that 35% of women and 15% of men are engaging in anal sex.

So what is all the fuss about anal sex? Studies also show that it’s on the rise and more women are trying it and more men are exploring it with their partners. It has become something of great interest especially with all the celebrities out there with big booties.

What’s the mystery behind anal sex and why does everyone want to have it especially the men?

Let me enumerate some reasons behind this phenomenal:

  • Porn – porn has just portrayed anal sex everywhere and men feel like they’re perhaps missing out if they’re not experiencing what is thrown at them in almost every single porn out there. FOMO (fear of missing out) right?
  • Men like to be in control – anal sex is obviously a very delicate practice and when men and women are doing this kind of sex, the men is really the one in control and the women just kind of relinquish that control and hopefully enjoys it especially when men have done his job and properly prepared his women.
  • Out of the norm – anal sex is so exciting and something out of the norm. It’s more different than just a typical sex act. And variety is what spices our life and so anal sex make the act a little sexier. We know that orgasm happens in the mind so the visual and just the new and exciting act makes it a lot more stimulating.
  • Primal and instinctual – it’s raw and related to the first root of chakra if one is into the spiritual path or knows anything about energy. Its intense, tribal, savage, primitive, and just like a basic instinct that when one is having anal sex it kind of brings out this other character or another side of you.
  • Pregnancy – men and women who engaged in anal sex don’t have to worry about getting pregnant. And sometimes that adds up to the excitement for those who are not wanting to have a child at the moment.
  • Women want to try it too – studies are showing as well that women are kind of starting to dig into this because it just happens to be a little bit tighter and men just like that sensation of the friction and the gripping which helps them to orgasm quicker.
  • Booties obsession – men are just obsessed with booties. Thanks to all the celebrities and the rise of the age of the booties, now anal sex have become all the rage.
  • Intimacy – this one might be shocking, but anal sex is kind of intimate. One can’t really successfully do anal sex just by simply putting it in. It doesn’t work that way. You have to make your woman feel comfortable and relaxed. Intimacy really connects the couple together.
  • Tension release – in the tantric path, it moves the energy up and out. And for many women, this can be the release of all the tension and negative energy. Women feel more liberated, freer, lighter, more focused and connected, happier, and less stressed.

Anal sex is not for everyone and one should never engage in it unless this is something that one really want to participate in. Never of course if anyone forced you to do anything sexually that you’re not a hundred percent sold on. This is a whole different type of orgasm that converts a lot of pleasure, can be mind blowing and truly orgasmic.

And we love all things orgasmic so if you want to learn about different forms of orgasm other than just anal sex, coz there’s eleven of them, you should absolutely need to click the link below and check out my seven O’s the last connection and intimacy boot camp.

Remember to always keep on being Omazing and have an Orgasmic day ahead! 

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