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Why Most Women Don’t Orgasm through Intercourse Alone and how to Live a More Orgasmic Life!

Hey Beautiful Shakti Queens! Are you ready to learn to embody more of your embodied feminine presence to increase your confidence and magnetism on all levels?! Or do you desire to allow yourself to be fully seen and express more of your authentic energy both in daily life and in your intimate relationships? The way […]

How to be MILF for life?

Hi beautiful orgasmic people! I think a lot of women today can all agree that sometimes being a mother and feeling sexy is something that they’re not quite sure how to always do. Today, I’m going to be uncovering 3 simple secrets to make sure that you stay MILF or at least to stay one […]

3somes better in fantasy? Or in reality?

Everyone’s fantasised about threesome in one way or the other. Studies shows that most people that are having sex have actually fantasised about it before. Is it worth the fuss? Is the fantasy actually better in reality or should it be left in your dreams? Or should be with your self – pleasure materials or […]

Why Guys Love Anal Sex?

A recent study surveyed 3000 sexually active millenials and found out that 35% of women and 15% of men are engaging in anal sex. So what is all the fuss about anal sex? Studies also show that it’s on the rise and more women are trying it and more men are exploring it with their […]

Why should you watch porn?

The age-old question that still lingers on the mind of most women in society is should I watch porn or should I not? Is porn socially acceptable as it’s something that we can watch without fear of being ridiculed or is porn something that’s sturdy and that can contribute to violence and really degrading acts […]

How to improve your relationship using Tantra?

We all want connection, intimacy and of course orgasms too. Let me discuss with you how we can really improve our relationship and how can we use tantra to improve our connection and intimacy with our partner or spouse. Here are some things I’d like to share with you: Showing up unfiltered. Showing who we […]

How to Keep Your Sex Drive Alive in Relationships?

Studies shows that both men and women who lived with their sexual partner for a year and more had lost interest in sex. The big question people always come up with is “How to keep the love alive?” or “How to stay sexually satisfied in your relationship?”. It seems pretty complicated today in relationships to […]

Erogenous Zone

Feeling lost and don’t know where to locate those erogenous zones? But what is an erogenous zone? Let me walk you through to satisfy your partner and surely bring out the best in your lovemaking. In this blog, you will learn how to be deeply connected to one another before jumping to the sex level. […]

How to make love during COVID-19?

7 ways to stay safe and make love during this pandemic.  Connect at the level of the heart You take the sexuality out of it and really focus on connecting in the essence of who you are.  Breathe together It looks very simple but really effective, including a nice instrumental song and closing your eyes, […]

How To Make Her Have Multiple Orgasms

This Is What Every Woman Needs From Her Man Have you ever wondered if you’re doing it right for your partner? Asking a question like: “Have I satisfied her and reached full pleasure? Worry no more gentlemen, on this blog, we will be discussing everything that you need to know about pussy and how you […]

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