How to Keep Your Sex Drive Alive in Relationships?

Studies shows that both men and women who lived with their sexual partner for a year and more had lost interest in sex.

The big question people always come up with is “How to keep the love alive?” or “How to stay sexually satisfied in your relationship?”.

It seems pretty complicated today in relationships to find a right partner, with all the casual dating or casual sex around the corner. The challenge is to really find someone who you can actually be with or compatible with or a partner who you can communicate and connect with. Someone with the same ideas or same beliefs or just simply have the same interests.

Let me discuss with you the Tantric Traditions or Tantric Principles:

Outcome, Standards, or Rulebook. Set some boundaries or suggestions even before the actual act. Like a blueprint or guidelines to have a positive outcome.

Be open and honest with your partner and discuss with him or her your ideas of lovemaking. What turns you on or turns you off. Let your partner know what excites you.

Give feedback in the right setting. Discuss the positives and negatives. But always remember when saying negative things, its not about what you say but how you say it. Accentuating positivity and Diminishing negativity is the path you want to take in.

Communication is very important. So always talk to your partner, be honest, and beyond everything – have fun. Have an orgasmic day! 

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