How to improve your relationship using Tantra?

We all want connection, intimacy and of course orgasms too.

Let me discuss with you how we can really improve our relationship and how can we use tantra to improve our connection and intimacy with our partner or spouse.

Here are some things I’d like to share with you:

Showing up unfiltered.

Showing who we really are, not someone that we were presenting ourselves to be. Being fully present. Being fully surrendered.

Showing up undistracted with all the technologies around us like televisions, handphones or computers, or by our surroundings like our kids or our family. It’s all about connecting solely with our partner.

To connect deeper into our intimate sex life with our partner is to practice the use of tantric massage.

In tantric massage we don’t have an outcome, we’re not trying to make you orgasm, and it’s not necessary at all.

We simply want to offer a safe space to relax, release, rejuvenate, and to feel the body to experience pleasure without a specific outcome for orgasm.

We can take turns doing this to our partner and we don’t even have to do it at the same time.

This is a bit tricky, but keep in mind that this is a beautiful way to connect, to give and receive love, and to help open the line of communication.

Breathe with them. I know it sounds so simple but it’s true.
The breath is the very source of life, the very voice of our soul. If we breathe with our partner, we’re doing a lot of things like moving into a parasympathetic central nervous system which helps the body to relax.

It releases stress, and just to be with our body. Breathing together will help us to calm down, it helps us to relax and to go deeper into pleasure.

These are my three basic tips for creating a deeper and lasting love in a relationship. Remember to make it an Omazing Orgasmic for the rest of the week. Have fun! 

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