3somes better in fantasy? Or in reality?

Everyone’s fantasised about threesome in one way or the other. Studies shows that most people that are having sex have actually fantasised about it before.

Is it worth the fuss? Is the fantasy actually better in reality or should it be left in your dreams? Or should be with your self – pleasure materials or another time maybe? Should you do them or should you pass?

Let me share with you my personal experience with threesome.

My first one was when I was about 21 years of age and it happened in Texas. I did it with the guy I really like and my girl best friend. It was during spring break and we were drinking, dancing and partying on an island.

And we ended up having a threesome and it was actually really awful. The next morning, nobody could really look each other in the eye. It was terrible, and obviously over between me and the guy. And it was really awkward with my best friend. 

We’re still friends but it just puts something like a wedge between us, especially if it was done in such a drunk fashioned manner.

My second was in Vegas with a basketball player and his girlfriend. I was not interested in his girlfriend at all but I really wanted to sleep with him.

They are in an open relationship and I decided why not. So again, super awkward and I wasn’t into it. They kind of had a lot of problems because of me. It was really messy.

And so, my experience with threesomes hasn’t been great. But I know for some people it’s very exciting and it turns them on and it’s good.

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