8 Secrets of Online Dating:

Let’s be honest, meeting people in person is not as simple as it may sound, especially with less social events happening since 2020. When it comes to dating most of us have either given online dating a chance or have at least thought about it.  Maybe you’ve used online dating or apps. Or maybe you’ve just thought about exploring online dating as an idea and aren’t sure where to start! 

I’m going to share with you 8 secrets for successful online dating regardless of what your experience has been with online dating! There is a strategy to be sure that you are putting your best foot forward in your online dating profile, presenting yourself authentically, and matching with a potential date that is most compatible for what you’re looking for!

I have found the 8 secrets that help attract your ideal date while being true to who you are!These secret tips will help you feel confident regardless of where you’re at with your dating journey. Also, join me and other experts at Intimacy Mastery 2.5 in Tulum Mexico for more tips on how to build attraction and polarity. 

  1. The first step in online dating is get clear on what you want!
    1. Are you wanting to casually date around and explore chemistry? Do you want something that develops into a deep bond and long term relationship? 
    2. Take some time for self-reflection and be honest with yourself. What are you wanting to give and receive in your dating experience. This will help clarify the type of people you decide to match with, meet, and spend more time with. Getting clear on what you want and what you’re ready for in your life will also ensure that you’re honoring your feelings. Investing time and energy into dating is something personal to each individual. Our time and attention is one of the most valuable resources we have. So use it with intention in your dating life!
  2. Make sure that your profile reflects your deeper values.
    1. Regardless of the type of connection you’re looking for, relationships are centered around growth. So to be sure that you attract a partner that is compatible with you on a soul level, reflect your authentic self in your profile. Ask deeper questions and don’t be afraid to write a short description of who you really are in your bio. Maybe give your profile a spiritual flare! This will be sure that you are attracting people with values aligned with yours and weed out those that aren’t wanting a deep connection. Even if you’re looking for something casual be selective with who you share your energy with. 
    2. You’ll attract however you present yourself. 
    3. Be who you are, so who you are in person matches your profile. Then someone will vibe with you on that wave length. 
  3. Have a variety of photos.
    1. You are a multidimensional being. Show the multifaceted aspects of yourself in your profile. Be sure to include one smiling photo, one dressed up photo, and one photo doing an activity you enjoy. Also be sure the photos are recent and include a full body photo. Don’t use overly filtered photos. Be sure you’re showing yourself as the real you and as the best you. This will make sure the person is truly a good match for you! 
    2. Do not have photos with sunglasses. Let people see your face and eyes! Do not have photos with other people, especially other dates or friends. Save photos of family members or other friends to show them after you have been on a few dates. It may seem like you’re dating one of the people in the photos or it may even be confusing to tell which one is you! Your dating profile is about you. You’re advertising yourself. So be sure to let them really get to see you. Have clear photos of you in good lighting. Be interesting and let them get to see you. 
  4. Get off the app as soon as possible! 
    1. Be thoughtful in your first message with the person you match with. Be flirty, ask questions to get to know them, and share genuine responses. Try to move beyond the typical, “how are you” question. Review their profile and find something to relate to the about. Once you match and feel a mutual connection give them your number or connect on another form of communication. Apps are like the bar, you don’t hang out in the bar the whole time after you meet someone. Get off the app as soon as you can. Also, this is where you can be clear about what you want in a connection. If you want to date, have fun, hook up, looking for something potentially long term be clear with your intention. Clarity is power. 
  5. Be your authentic self and intentional about connecting. 
    1. Check for matching values or deal breakers early in the dating process. What are you looking for and what are they looking for? I know it sounds crazy, but be yourself! If you show up authentically while also staying conscious of the impression you’re making you’ll ensure that you two are truly compatible. There is nothing worse than dating someone and finding out months down the road that who they were in the beginning is not who they really are. It always feels best to know that you are loved for who you really are. Also, being authentic invites your date to be the real them. 
  6. Do not scroll when you’re sad, depressed, or lonely! 
    1. You will swipe different people and the conversation will also be affected. Make sure that you are feeling good about yourself when you’re swiping and beginning to match. This will determine the type of people you match with. If you feel a sense of lack, you will likely attract people that affirm this. So be sure you’re in a vibration of abundance, curiosity, and confident about who you are! 
  7. Create a natural connection in the initial dates! 
    1. On the first date, don’t interview them. Find a few things to connect about as the conversation unfolds. Listen well and be present with your date. Someone who listens well is sexy! Whether you’re intuitive or not, people can feel the level of someone’s presence. We build rapport by letting the other person feel seen and heard. Ask thoughtful questions about topics that matter to your date, and find ways to relate to them. 
  8. Notice your body language!
    1. The feminine partner in the dating dynamic can build chemistry and attraction by gently touching their body. If you’re more feminine, this can be done by touching your hair, your arm, or other non-sexual parts of your body during the date. This shows that you feel comfortable in your own skin, enjoy pleasure, and invites your date to think about touching you. This doesn’t mean to adjust clothing repeatedly or other actions like this, which can come across as insecure. For Both Masculine and Feminine partners, take some time to be conscious of your body posture and body language. The masculine partner can make small gestures like opening the door, helping with the chair, turning body towards the date, etc. Women can even initiate gentle arm touch and the masculine date can move things forward by holding their date’s hand. 
  9. Leave them wanting more!
    1. Treat your date well, express interest, and maintain a certain level of mystery on a first date. Keep yourself interesting and leave some mystique about who you are. 

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