3 Secrets to Build Intimacy Using Tantra!

Why Intimacy?

I’m going to share with you the 3 Secrets to Build Intimacy Using Tantra!

First of all What is Tantra?

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There are so many definitions. I view tantra as the weaving or looming together. It is a holistic system of personal development and spiritual empowerment. Tantric practices help us create a union and balancing of masculine and feminine energies. The spiritual path of tantra is the belief that everything is good in the universe and nothing is bad. Ultimately tantrics view everything as energy, and that all is DIVINE. Tantra is a spiritual path, yoga is actually one aspect of tantra but there are numerous other aspects of tantra too.

Many of us have experienced connection in one form or another. Whether it was romantic or in another form of close love. So what is intimacy? 

At the most basic level intimacy means, proximity and closeness.

True intimacy means having vulnerability and authenticity in a relationship. It means that we are real and expressing ourselves at a level of embodying all of who we really are! To build intimacy it usually requires time to feel safe in sharing all the light and the shadows people possess. Intimacy is built by having them embrace all of who we really are. When we have an intimate connection we are vibrating at the level of realness and rawness. 

When we get comfortable being intimate we are able to connect with someone at the deeper levels emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. This allows us to show up unmasked in the world. 

So why would you want to build intimacy?


Intimacy with yourself is the single best gift you can have in life! You have to get to know yourself and love yourself first. Most people can’t be with themselves or be with themselves. This is why they go searching, to try and build a void.It is through intimacy with self that we thrive in life and build relationships that thrive. Intimacy helps us in business, family, and romantic relationships. People will want to work with someone they feel connected to.

Most people’s deepest fear is that they won’t be enough, so they block people out. Then they get into relationships where they aren’t being their true selves! 

3 Secrets to Build Intimacy Using Tantra:

  1. Develop intimacy with yourself first
    1. Be connected to the whole of who you are. What that means, is being mindful of how you really are. How you are at your best, worst, your light and shadow. Get to know your shadows and archetypes. Really dive into the spaces that most people would judge. Because in the darkness there is light. Most people avoid this.
  2. Develop a love affair with your breath
    1. Breath is the oxygen of the soul and the source of your being. When you breathe well everything else aligns including business, life, sex… (The entire 8 minutes lol stay tuned for the next blog on how to last longer.) 
  3. Now it’s time to build intimacy with other people in a safe container
    1. It’s important to surround yourself with other people also on the path with good intentions. When we can be vulnerable and real around people who have loving intentions it helps us embrace even more of who we are. Join us at Intimacy Mastery Retreat 2.5 for the best practices to build intimacy with self and others. 

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